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About Us - Our team


Christian Guay


Mr. Guay holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration specialized in finance and real estate which he earned from UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal) in 1983.

He then joined Devcorp as general manager of Beekman Towers in Miami. In April 1986, he becomes Vice-President and takes charge of leasing, acquisition, mortgage financing and legal affairs for the buildings in Montreal and Quebec City. In February 1993, he becomes President and owner of the company. Since 1994, he is also president and majority shareholder of Placement Valguay Inc.

Claude St-Amand, C.A.


Mr. St-Amand holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration specialized in accounting from Laval University in Quebec City which he earned in 1980.

Having previously worked for Nutribec and for the accounting firm of R.C.M.P. (Raymond, Chabot, Martin, and Paré), Claude joined us as comptroller in July of 1987. Thereafter, he was promoted to ¨Director of Finance and Administration¨ in July of 1991. Vice-president since December 2005, he is responsible for all accounting issues, fiscal, personnel, the entire building operations and renovation (improvements) work that are ongoing in the portfolio.

Honourable mentions (Former employees)

M. Robert Fiola
Mlle Louise Forest
M. Paul Gagnon, ing.
M. Gérard Grenier
M. Jean-Guy Hamelin
M. Adolphe Lanthier
M. Denis Leclerc
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M. Gabriel Létourneau